The Clausthal University of Technology in collaboration with Dr. Koehler GmbH has created a specialist software which allows to insert and manage complex data about the Baltic munitions objects. Munitions experts, scientists and practitioners dealing with Baltic Sea exploration can use the user interface to conveniently input, retrieve or update information on each newly discovered object. The resulting Munitions Database stores detailed information of dumped munitions in a secure environment. Relevant data can be searched by different parameters and easily integrated into other systems such as DAIMON Decision Support System for marine munitions (DSS). The database will be hosted in an integrated oceanographic system built within the ZSPDO project and provided free of charge to registered users. For log-in rights or further questions, please contact:

Prof. Dr. Sven Hartmann (Clausthal University of Technology)
Dr. Klaus Köhler (Dr. Koehler GmbH)
Dietrich Steinmetz (Clausthal University of Technology)